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Kamis, 23 Maret 2017

Read Now: Why this company’s shares are guaranteed to soar next week.


We haven't communicated in a while and you might be wondering why I'm emailing you now out of the blue but it's because I have something very special to share with you.

Remember this last company I told you to buy a few months ago? It jumped around 1000% in like two weeks if you recall.

I've got another one of those to share with you today and you could make some serious profits with it if you buy it now.

INCT (incapta inc) is a high technology company that's got some very special and unique drone systems. In fact, their stuff in so interesting that even the United States government has taken notice of it.
Anyway I won't bore you with the details, so the reason why I am telling you about INCT is because a buy out is imminent.
A gentleman I've known for almost a decade now who works out of an m&a company in manhattan told me that on March 28 INCT will be bought out by a large corporation at a price of $1.38 a share.

The stock is down today (these things happen), but it's absolutely meaningless and shouldn't scare you in any way, shape or form because once the buy out is announced, this stock is going to shoot up to 1.38 in a matter of minutes which is essentially guaranteed gains of about 1400% from current prices.

The stock is down because some investors are selling. It must be that they haven't heard the news, and they will be feeling very stupid next week when the announcement is made public.

Keep this on the low and feel free to buy as many shares as you possibly can right now.

Take care,
Yolanda Velez

Rabu, 22 Maret 2017

This public company is being bought out. Read now to profit from it.

Dear valued member,

It has been a very long time since I emailed you about a rare investment opportunity.

You signed up to my newsletter because you were seeking to only invest in companies which I can guarantee will go up and I only email you when I know one will.

The last stock I told you to buy went up about 1000% and this next one is guaranteed a solid 1300% keep on reading to find out why.

INCT (incapta inc) is a drone-maker with proprietary algorithms which essentially bring drones to life. These algorithms give the drones the capability to act independent of a physical operator.

Because of they own this amazing technology which they developed in house, they have been receiving huge attention from the US Army as well as several private firms including DJI and Amazon.

A guy I work with at a mergers and acquisition firm in New York told me that INCT is about to be bought out for $1.37 per share on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. He has always come through for me.

While INCT may currently seem stagnant, that�s because very few people know about this imminent deal so don't let that fool you.

I don't expect the stock price to swing much in either direction until the takeover is announced next week, at which point it will shoot up to around $1.37 overnight.

You know what to do if you want to profit when this happens.

Keep it on the hush, but do act quickly.

Best Regards,
Ulysses Salas

Here is your chance to buy shares that will go up 10x by next week.

To all my subscribers,

As you obviously know, I have been quiet these last couple of months because I really have not had a stock worth recommending for purchase.

After the last stock�s 1,500% gains I really want to make sure that whatever I tell you to buy next will be a big winner since your expectations are high.

Today I want you to keep an eye on INCT (incapta inc) because something really huge is about to happen next week.

One of the gents I work with back in New York told me that INCT is on the verge of signing a deal to sell the company to a large multinational and this deal should be announced on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week and will carry a price per share of $1.38

I guess their special drone technology is too good to ignore, and a massive player wants to acquire all their know-how, IP and manufacturing capabilities.

That being said, this is a very rare opportunity to get in before the deal is officially announced and make a quick 10x on your principal in just 7 days.

Keep this on the low but do act quickly if you want to buy in. I recommend an entry point of 17 cents or under to maximize the upside.

All the best.

Selasa, 21 Maret 2017

You can make 10x on your money by next week if you buy this stock now.

Dear Subscriber,

Do you remember the last time I sent you a tip about a company worth buying in the market?

I was right on point as its shares shot up more than tenfold in under 7 days.
I had privileged information and I knew that something big was brewing.

It took me months to find the next stock that is somewhat similar to that last one I told you about,
but you can be certain that the upside potential is just as good.

Incapta Incorporated [symbol: INCT] is a company that is on the verge of being acquired by a large drone-maker competitor.

On March 28th (yes, next week) there is going to be something special announced that will take the share price from under 0.20 to over a dollar, overnight.

INCT specializes in the manufacturing of high-end specialized drones with real-world applications such as automated dispatching for news coverage by companies like CNN all the way to miniature drones which can be used to gather intelligence for the military, private investigators and police.

This cutting edge technology is changing the world as we know it, and INCT is at the forefront of it all which is why it�s being acquired and its share price is about to go ballistic.

Tell everyone you know to buy INCT right now and keep it on the low as much as possible.

Senin, 20 Maret 2017

This stock is about to receive a buy out at 10 times its current market price...

Dear Subscriber,

It's been a long time since I sent you my special newsletter containing a hot stock tip.
The reason for that is because I really haven't had many opportunities to present to you.

Incapta Inc (ticker: INCT) is a company that was brought to my attention earlier this morning
by one of my colleagues at an M&A firm in manhattan.

It seems that a buy out from DJI is imminent at $1.37 per share and is set to be announced
next week on Tuesday, March 28.

INCT is a company that has revolutionized the drone industry by creating the first independent drones
that can be dispatched to areas of interest such as crime scenes, car chases, wild fires, etc.

The network of drones operates by connecting to a cloud and complex algorithms efficiently dispatch the drones
within moments of an incident being reported.

This way the media outlet that owns the drones can be the first to the scene and get exclusive, live-streamed.

This has the potential to literally change the world of news broadcasting as we know it and DJI
(the most prominent drone-maker in the world) sees the potential of this technology which is why
they are willing to pay $1.37 a share to acquire it. A premium of over 1,000% over Friday's closing price.

Tell all your friends about INCT and make sure you buy it as soon as possible today at any price under
20 cents a share to guarantee yourself massive profits.

Senin, 13 Februari 2017

Indahnya Reuni

Kata² yang sering ditanya
di waktu reunian.. :

REUNI Di usia 30-an :  "KERJA di mana ?" 
Di usia 40-an :  "ANAK sudah berapa ?"
Di usia 50-an :  "CUCU sudah berapa ?"
Di usia 60-an :  "Teman kita yang sudah MENINGGAL.., siapa aja yaa..?"  
Di usia 70-an :  "Teman kita yang  masih HIDUP..,siapa aja yaa..?"  
REUNI Di usia 80-an : "KAMU SIAPA yaaaa..??".

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Kamis, 09 Februari 2017

Siapakah Yesus?

Dalam ilmu kimia,
Dia mengubah air menjadi anggur;

Dalam ilmu biologi,
Dia dilahirkan tanpa pembuahan secara normal;

Dalam ilmu fisika,
Dia menentang hukum gravitasi ketika Dia terangkat ke surga;

Dalam ilmu ekonomi,
Dia menentang hukum hasil yang menurun melalui memberi makan 5000 laki-laki dengan 2 ikan dan 5 roti;

Dalam ilmu kedokteran,
Dia menyembuhkan yang sakit dan yang buta tanpa memberikan satu dosis obat apapun;

Dalam sejarah,
Dia adalah yang awal dan yang akhir;

Dalam pemerintahan,
Dia mengatakan bahwa Dia seharusnya disebut Penasihat Ajaib, Raja Damai;

Dalam agama,
Dia mengatakan tidak ada seorangpun yang datang pada Bapa kecuali melalui Dia;

Jadi, siapakah Dia? Dia adalah Yesus!

Manusia Terhebat dalam Sejarah

Yesus tidak mempunyai pelayan,
tetapi mereka memangil Dia Tuan.

Tidak memiliki gelar,
tetapi mereka memanggil Dia Guru.

Tidak mempunyai obat-obatan,
tetapi mereka menyebut-Nya Sang Penyembuh.

Tidak memiliki pasukan,
tetapi raja-raja gentar pada-Nya.

Dia tidak memenangkan pertempuran militer,
tetapi Dia menaklukkan dunia.

Dia tidak melakukan kejahatan,
tetapi mereka menyalibkan Dia.

Dia dikubur dalam sebuah makam,
tetapi hari ini Dia hidup.

Saya merasa terhormat melayani Pemimpin yang sedemikian, pemimpin yang mengasihi kita.

Bergabunglah dengan saya dan marilah menyambut Dia; Dia layak.

Mata yang melihat pesan ini kiranya tidak melihat yang jahat.

Tangan yang mengirimkan pesan ini kepada setiap orang seharusnya tidak melayani dengan sia-sia,

dan mulut yang berkata Amin atas doa ini kiranya tersenyum selamanya.

Tinggallah dalam Allah dan carilah wajah-Nya selalu.


Dalam Allah saya telah menemukan segala sesuatu!

Kirimkan ini pada semua orang yang Anda pedulikan.

Biarlah orang mengenal pekerjaan Tuhan YESUS kita.

Biarlah seluruh dunia mengapresiasi Tuan di atas tuan.

Janganlah malu menyebarkan injil..😊

🙏 TUHAN  memberkati Anda 🙏

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